Sneaky Bites

By on 12-16-2012


a while ago i sent my dear friend weyn the link to a cookie recipe that i found rather interesting. it was for the nutella-stuffed cookie by ambitious kitchen, which, for several days, made me want to lick my computer screen out of the desperate need to taste its gooey goodness. weyn obliged my little request to try out the recipe, and i was excited to find that she had succeeded — even turning it into her own by adding little surprises, like mixing in some almonds and creating a new variation with peanut butter.

in a span of two weeks i have consumed an obscene amount of these cookies (they don’t make for a healthy breakfast but whatevs) and will continue to do so for like, ever. they’re hella cheap, too — just P100 for a set of 6 and P200 for a dozen. and you can choose which kinds you want! i like to combine 6 nutella and 6 peanut butter, heat them up, and bask in sheer gastronomic bliss. treat yourself to sneaky bites‘ chocolatey goodness or gift them to your loved ones — either way someone will get hooked!

for orders, e-mail sneakybites(at)gmail(dot)com or text 0927 900 1133.


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