Work Outfit: Artsy

By on 12-14-2012

12345photos by choi

i bought this skirt recently with a bunch of other quirky items, and the lady at the counter actually commented that i have weird taste. she said it with an amused smile, like in a “wow you’re cool” kind of way and not in a “freak much?!” manner, so i just laughed it off. my day-to-day encounters that involve fashion in some way are so bizarre and diverse that i can never form any real opinion on the current state of fashion – or public perception on personal style – here in the country. often i am convinced that people from this side of the world have become more open to fashion in the last few years, but then something happens and i revert back to the belief that the average joe is still not ready for some good ol’ sartorial craziness. i’ve gotten used to this little back-and-forth though so it hardly makes any difference anymore. however i do still make the occasional curious observation on days when i feel like being thoughtful about fashion and not just going “hnnng” with every cute skirt i see in the stores…

top – thrifted
skirt – thrifted
sandals – forever 21
bag- thrifted

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  1. Love the skirt. You look amazing!

  2. the skirt kind of “confuses” me in a good way…i really, really hope that all people here would be brave enough to freely express themselves like what you do, without having to worry much about what others would say.. :)

  3. I like this look of yours. It’s like you converted painting into fashion with the right stroke :)

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