Few And Far Between

By on 7-04-2013

1DSC_01352DSC_01413DSC_01454DSC_01615DSC_01436DSC_0137photos by john

this dress is one of my most beloved possessions, yet it rarely sees the light of day. i feel like its vibrant red hue is more aptly worn on special, “red-related” occasions such as christmas or valentine’s — or perhaps the new year, what with the little polka dots and all. plus the fabric’s a bit thick so wearing it on just any day of the year is out of the question. however with these daily drizzles we’ve been having and the frequent day – and night – outs i’ve been having with john, throwing on such a dress was not only logical, but delightfully special as well.

dress – vintage
shoes – tutum
purse – marion godart (old)



  1. I love the whole outfit! But the clutch is the best part. <3

  2. Super cute the purse! Bet! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. So gorgeoussss Bestie!!! :D I really adore your style!!! <3

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