The Magic Of Her Locks

By on 7-12-2013

1DSC_0235e2DSC_0257e3DSC_0245e4DSC_0247e5DSC_0262e6DSC_0240ephotos by adelle

as promised, here is the debut of my new haircut. nothing groundbreaking, i know, but i love it! i can’t remember the last time my head felt this light and bouncy. i pretty much just got layers and kept the length, as i felt it was too soon to say goodbye to the long locks i spent a year growing out. i also finally got my roots retouched and couldn’t be happier to stay in this bright copper shade. you might remember my little hair rant from a couple of weeks ago where i voiced my confusion over the myriad hairstyle choices i was — and always will be — faced with. well they still hold true (i am definitely still dreaming of a pixie and also considering new coloring), but i decided to err on the safe side for now and give myself more time to pluck up the courage for something crazier.

top, skirt, bag – thrifted
blazer – vintage
heels – so! fab



  1. Oh my gosh, i love the whole look! The outfit, the hair, the photos. You look sooo British! Youve just reminded me of harry potter. :)

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