All I Ever Wanted Was The World

By on 12-19-2012


8_DSC0091photos by charls

i woke up this morning with the startling realization that christmas is less than a week away. it’s an odd sensation, not being in the “holiday mood” — even though everywhere i turn are blatant signs of the season. these photos were taken at one of our local malls so magnificently bedecked in christmas lights and decor, and currently being flocked by overwhelming masses for pretty pictures and general amazed ogling. yet while i am surrounded by people bursting with christmas cheer, i am left wondering where the year has gone and where the next one will lead. i have had more blessings than i can count, really, but the thought of time flying by so fast frightens me more than i can bear.

plus the season makes me really, really miss my family.

shirt – thrifted
pants – thrifted
coat – c/o romwe
sneakers – c/o shulong
satchel – mimi boutique
watch – nixon
bracelets – c/o PMS



  1. That’s one awesome watch!
    I have exactly the same feelings as you this year. Also, I miss my family too. They all live really far away so I don’t really see them at the holidays.

  2. We chose the same sneaks for Shulong!!! ♥ AHHH Love this outfit post of yours, babe! See you Friday! :)

  3. I know! I think it’s because of work that we don’t notice and feel so Christmas-y. I used to be very hands-on with the decorating last year, but now I am so tired when I get home that I want to just plop onto bed. Le sigh.

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