Waiting To Be Found

By on 12-20-2012


6_DSC0004photos by charls

the last remaining days of 2012 are counting down quickly and it takes me quite a bit of strength to not simultaneously implode. it has been a busy last few weeks for me (overwhelmingly so), and the craziness does not seem to have an immediate end. that said, i do look forward to the new year and the many possibilities it holds — perhaps even a breather from all the chaos. however the new year also holds some rather intimidating prospects, such as my turning older in just the first quarter, and certain life-altering decisions that need to be made. these things are frequently pushed to the back of my mind (as a coping mechanism i presume) waiting to be unearthed in the last few moments before i slumber. and so every night, i am left with a restless thought, rippling through the moment of calm when my eyes close and my consciousness drifts into another world…

shirt – dorothy perkins
skirt – thrifted
blazer – topshop
heels – so! F.A.B
bag – thrifted



  1. found you! you simply pulled it off effortless..lagi nman ata.. :) im really a fan..sayang di ako nakapunta ng bu4..

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