Work Outfit: Pajama Party

By on 12-21-2012

1DSC_03512DSC_03643DSC_03524DSC_03625DSC_0355photos by adelle

for the most part, i do try to dress appropriately (read: impressively) for the office — blazers, dress pants, heels, the works — but i can’t help waking up sometimes with an insatiable desire to shimmy into loose, comfortable clothing. on days when i go to work in outfits like this i feel extremely happy — as though self-satisfaction can be found in the pairing of two incredibly lazy, slouchy pieces.

well, perhaps it can. it certainly feels that way.

top – thrifted
trousers – thrifted
bag – mimi boutique
sandals – forever 21



  1. you know I love this outfit! My kind of style bestie! :) I miss you! :)

  2. love this, dear! so boho chic!! everything flows so well. amazing outfit!

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  3. You put together a cool outfit that really shows your style while maintaining thrift. Love your smile!

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