Borrowed From The Boys

By on 12-26-2012

oversized autumn


these days i spend my time online scouring blogs and fashion sites for more cold-weather outfit inspiration — as though it were the most pressing matter in the world. my latest addiction has been menswear looks for autumn/winter, filled with lush hues and chunky layers and oversized things. when i do my browsing i tend to go straight to webstores, too, and if it weren’t for my last bit of self-restraint i would purchase everything in sight. i have always wanted to buy loose fit jeans online, for example (some of you might know of my penchant for boyfriend jeans), but thankfully i get too concerned about their fit on petite girls so i can easily resist them. but one of these days i swear i will not be able to control myself, for all i really want is to snuggle into nice warm hoodies for winter

even though winter will eternally be nonexistent this side of the world.

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