Now Chiefly Be Glad

By on 12-25-2012


10DSC_0536photos by adelle

here i am in my comfy, cozy, holiday garb — wishing you all a happy christmas filled with love, peace, and the most scrumptious feast imaginable! cheers!

sweater – romwe
trousers – unarosa
oxfords – vintage
backpack – thrifted
watch – casio



  1. Hi bestie, super nice pics :)

  2. i’m surprised, there’s autumn in Mnl! :)

  3. Can you tell me the brand of that backpack? I know it’s thrifted but there must be tags somewhere. It’s so beautiful, and I really need a new one. I love your style!

  4. I so love your sweater. Where did you took these pictures? :D Merry Christmas Ms. Bestie! :)

  5. I absolutely love your bag!!! How much did you get it for (at thr thrift shop) ? :-)

  6. Your hair! I like! <3

  7. Ms. Bestie, I really love your photos here! As if you’re abroad! It’s amazing how you could find so many pretty thrifted and vintage stuff. You’re now one of my fave bloggers! Oh, and, are you studying in UP?

  8. this. so youthful and fresh. bestie, tips in thrifting please.

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