Let The Good Times Roll

By on 12-24-2012

1_DSC00042_DSC00473_DSC00094_DSC00565_DSC0008photos by charls

i wore this during the second day of bloggers united 4 (regrettably i was not able to take photos of my look on the first day, but perhaps i will get to wear the same outfit in the near future and share it here). i really just wanted to dress comfortably in easy separates, but the crazy winter-like temperature inside our venue made my woolen mustard coat an absolute necessity. and yet even with the jacket practically glued to my back, i still got jitters every so often and it didn’t help that there was far fewer foot traffic at the bazaar that day. to compensate for it, bea and i huddled close to each other and distracted ourselves with a bit of senseless gossip and endless giggle fits. fun times!

blouse – unarosa
jeans – zara
jacket – romwe
wedges – shoe etiquette
necklace – the appraisery



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