By on 12-29-2012

i am not particularly obsessive about my hair and its due maintenance but i’ve certainly come a long way in realizing its importance, especially in the long run. and so every time i get invited to try out a new salon i get extremely excited, as though i am about to discover a fascinating new world filled with wondrous things to offer.

HAIRCHITEC has been in operation for over a year, so it’s kind of a bummer that i only heard of it now, because it is truly awesome. the interiors are lovely and spacious and the people exceedingly accommodating. i popped in one night after a dreary work day and could not wait to get pampered. i availed of their hair colour service (a standard for me) and the foot spa treatment, which i have not gotten in years since i am embarrassingly ticklish. but as they say, YOLO and yada yada yada (it was the day of the supposed mayan “end of the world”, mind you) so i went for it. good thing kelly was there to keep me company through it all!

the hair dye they used was extremely impressive, as it was only left on my hair for about 15 minutes, and yet the results were, well — magical. my hair never looked so happy and vibrant! obviously i picked another reddish hue, although i really would not be able to tell you the specific brand and name as we were in a hurry and a flurry to get it all done. the foot spa was a delight, too — albeit mild torture for my sensitive feet — and i walked out of the salon feeling rejuvenated and excited about my glowing look.

holla! i am SO going back to this place.



  1. Thank you so much for blogging about Hairchitec, love!!! >:D< ♥ Hugs!!

  2. How much do they charge for hair coloring? :)

  3. that color is amazing! i guess we may have similar skin tones because i remember loving that color on me, too. :) i even had the same haircut! 😀

  4. pretty naman!!! naka olympus ka na pala! woot!

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