I Dost Love Thee VI

By on 12-30-2012

1. envirosax


people are happily – albeit slowly – moving towards greener living, and reusable bags have been all the rage. i am especially partial to the canvas tote, but bags like those made by ENVIROSAX are proving to be more durable, practical and efficient these days. these three are all i have but i have a feeling they will last me for years and years. plus they are terribly cute, no? i got one from the nomad series, one from the la boheme series, and an adorable lil thang called “dogasaurus” from their kids line. you can get your own envirosax at rustans, the travel club, gourdos, fully booked, etc! i seriously love them!

2. casio vintage watch


i am certain that, like me, you have been seeing the casio vintage watch EVERYWHERE in the last year. many times have i wanted to join this trippy little bandwagon, but something always stopped me — most expressly my annoyance at the thought of owning a piece that is exactly like everyone else’s (no matter how cute or practical it may prove to be). so in the end, i settled for a style i’ve seen less of in blogs and malls; something smaller and dressier and unlike any other watch i have ever owned. i got this little baby from DIGITALISM PHILS just before the holidays and it was, indeed, a happy christmas gift to myself.

3. strip manila 2013 planner/notebook

i have never been a huge fan of daily planners and appointment books (i collect the starbucks planner every year but never use it; i have a sickness, i know) but this one sent over by STRIP is so cute and handy that i feel like i could really get on board with it. i think the reason why i love the little notebook is because the planner part is only in the first few pages, and the rest of it is filled with gorgeous lined paper, which you can literally use for err’thang. here comes bestie and her random doodling!

4. yabu’s new dishes


a few weeks ago i got invited to the opening of YABU‘s new branch in the SM mall of asia, which coincided with the launch of their new dishes. pictured above are my favorites: soft shell crab katsu and menchi katsu with curry. so delish! i will never run out of reasons to eat at yabu. NEVER.

5. modern family

you simply can not go wrong with this show. i love the characters so, so much.


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