T.G.I. Friday’s

By on 12-09-2012

there is something truly comforting about going back to this place, no matter how often or few and far in between that may be. whether you go for one of those tried-and-tested dishes or embark on a new food adventure, you’re almost always guaranteed to be satisfied.

i love eating at friday’s. it reminds me of my childhood. once when i was young i remember asking one of the waiters if i could have a cute wooden boomerang pin nestled safely on one of his suspender straps. he kindly obliged and for several years that followed, that pin became one of my favorite possessions. i knew nothing of its origins nor the circumstances that led it to the man’s possession, but i treasured it as though i myself had picked it up somewhere…say perhaps in a quaint vintage shop on a trip abroad. i eventually misplaced the pin out of sheer carelessness, and to this day, i still find myself still mourning that little loss. going back to friday’s, eating their delicious food, however, almost makes up for it.



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  1. It all looks so delicious *drools*
    I can’t believe I’ve still never been there! I have to try it now

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