Oh, Happy Day! (Super Sunglasses Giveaway Winner)

By on 12-08-2012

some of you might remember how, a few weeks ago, i got to try the new GCASH AMERICAN EXPRESS VIRTUAL CARD service being offered by globe telecom. i bought two pairs of SUPER sunglasses from nordstrom.com using my virtual american express card with funds from my gcash account. and you’ll remember, i’m sure, that one of those sunglasses is going to one of you guys!

well, great news: a few days ago my package arrived from the US (about 2 weeks after i ordered them) — right at my doorstep! and the best part? shipping from there to here only cost me an extra $5.81. that’s roughly P245!

when nordstrom sent out my orders to the US address provided by my shopping box, i got a notification from the courier company to authorize and pay for shipment to my manila address. it was pure luck (okay, i’ll admit i strategized a bit) that the items i bought barely weigh anything and were packed in a small box. had i ordered something bigger or heavier, my shipping fee would have cost more. but i think it would’ve still been totally worth the speedy transit time and not having to deal with customs officers at the post office!

and so, i tore open the sealed plastic and box, digging inside for the two pieces of eyewear royalty i had been anxiously awaiting. and boy…they did not disappoint.

i immediately tried on the super lucia in puma, which was my personal choice. it was absolute perfection. i can imagine wearing it with a beautiful silk scarf wrapped around my head, wind blowing in my hair as i drive a vintage convertible in some scenic european countryside. ahh, one can dream.

and as i checked out the super lucia in blonde havana matte…i fell in love all over again. it is such a stunner! but don’t worry, i am still happy to give it away to the lucky gal who joined my giveaway and whose entry got picked by me and the gcash team.

and that girl is… CARMINA PETERO! yay, congrats! i’ll be in touch with you soon with the details of your prize. YOU LUCKY DUCK. :D

how ’bout you guys? have any of you tried the GCASH AMERICAN EXPRESS VIRTUAL CARD yet? i’d love to know how it worked for you!


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  1. wow congrats!

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