Work Outfit: Bow On Top

By on 12-07-2012

photos by adelle

work attires are probably the trickiest to do for me. i find there to be quite a bit of pressure that goes with almost any kind of position taken up in an office; that pressure to dress to impress — or at least dress in a way that would let people take you seriously. you can imagine the problem i may have with that, given my penchant for unusual pairings and all things quirky. well i have been working for almost five years now and have learned a trick or two in dressingĀ for work in a way that makes me happy, and one of them is slapping on a little bow on top of my head.

it doesn’t seem too mature, i know. but here’s the kicker: i can take it off any time.

shirt – forever21
trousers – unarosa
blazer – topshop
wedges – shoe etiquette
quilted bag – vintage
cat brooch – vintage



  1. Why don’t I look as good as you do in palazzo pants? I just look fat while you look crisp and stylish! I’m so jealous!

  2. i love this!!! :D so chic and so current!! :D

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