Finding The Edge

By on 7-08-2013

1DSC_01752DSC_02033DSC_01996DSC_01875DSC_01924DSC_0177photos by john

having been a blogger for well over five years, i have amassed not only thousands of photographs and blog posts, but a distinct public image as well. i am often viewed as this sweet girl with a penchant for girly, vintage-themed looks — a perception frequently voiced by my readers and, i would say, a notion that is quite close to reality. for i may not always be sweet or always decked in frills nor my outfits always be centered around some type of vintage piece, yet it is an image with which i am happy to be associated and will likely continue to nurture, as it feels genuine to who i am. one curious facet of having such a reputation however is when i step out of its borders and try something else — say, an edgy look with studs and spikes and dark hues — then i get startled responses pointing to the seeming bizarreness of it all. while i understand the reaction (it is a courtesy i’ve granted others several times) i find it amusing to be the recipient of such concerned response, especially since i have always been vocal about my fickle sartorial tastes and exploratory view of fashion as a whole.

that is, in fact, one of the many reasons why i continue to enjoy blogging: people will constantly surprise you and you will never get bored — whether you are in the blogger’s seat or the reader’s.

sweater – thrifted
skirt – wanderlust
boots – romwe
bag – ferretti (old)
necklace – ruckus



  1. i actually think & like the fact that your looks are unexpected. i’ve always found you to be quirky & always putting your own twists to things, which is something i forever admire about you!

    boat ride through the sky

  2. I think you’re really sweet bestie. You are what you wear. You inspire others because you reflect yourself on your post.

    xx, Chaii

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