Life In Color with PAC

By on 7-06-2013

i still vividly remember first discovering professional artist cosmetics (PAC) years ago in the beauty section of sm department store. my interest in make-up was practically nonexistent but my mom sure got excited about it. she went gaga over the bright eye shadow hues and purchased a handful of items from the brand, lending me completely envious and beady-eyed over all the vibrant colors she took home. after a while, when i started to experiment with make-up, i tried them out myself and was truly blown away. everything was just so, so pretty.

imagine my excitement when i got invited to a wee make-up workshop with PAC, held at vanity beauty bar in tomas morato. i walked up to lush, stunning interiors set up with a bright make-up station, cupcakes and tea, and more make-up that you an carry home. blogger attendees got a crash course on using colored eyeliner with PAC’s MUA, muriel vega perez, and later teamed up for a mini contest where winners were chosen based on their creativity with using the brand’s various products. well, i sat out the competition and opted to get my fill of cupcakes instead, but i sure enjoyed watching my fellow bloggers get their hands — and faces! — dirty for some make-up art. the end results were truly impressive.

if that’s not reason enough reason to try out PAC, check out their ongoing promo where customers can win thousands worth of PAC products or a lenovo smartphone! see more details HERE.


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